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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Marvel News -- Article Links and Threadspotting

It's been almost 24 hours since the news broke, and we're already being talked about all over the place.

The first few articles went up last night:

-Cliff Biggers of Comic Shop News broke the news first and wrote the official article for Newsarama. Cliff is Les Dabel's local retailer, so we gave him the scoop!
-Wizard Entertainment was next, offering this very cool piece. Wizard's onsite reporter asked us for a copy of the video we took of the announcement because the announcement was generating so many hits.
-Comic Book Resources followed soon after, posting a great interview with Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley. CBR's gossip column, Lying in the Gutters, was onto us, though Derek Ruiz said that Rich asked him over the weekend if our deal was, in fact, with DC rather than Marvel.
-Our own forums lit up on this thread, which is still going strong. If you have questions, please ask them there!

Today's articles have been pretty cool too.

-Joe Quesada really talked us up in part 2 of his "Joe Monday" column on Newsarama.
-Wizard Entertainment ran a great piece on Anita Blake today.
-And last, but not least, we're also mentioned on Marvel's Webpage, which should serve as proof to anyone who's still in shcok or disbelief!

If you see any other cool links, post them in the "comments" section.


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