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Friday, March 03, 2006

PaperBack Reader shows us some love.

Sean and I thought this was very cool... (from a review on Paperbackreader.com):

"It was with some reluctance that I began to read The Burning Man portion of the graphic novel, but by the first couple of pages, I could see that things were different. The Dabel Brothers team, led by Sean Jordan (adaptation) and Brett Booth (primary artist) deconstructed this story and rebuilt it from the ground up. From the rambling narrative, they found the intrigue, passion, and mystery in the story Tad Williams had written. Everything is visualized – from careless asides of innuendo to the rugged lust between the protagonist and her lover.

There is a vibrancy that positively throbs throughout the work. Jordan does a superb job of parsing the text of the story in a way that accentuates the angst of the main character and the art team compliments that with stirring images that run the vista from lush forests of green, beds of red silk, and dark dungeons of deep grays and deepest blacks. Like The Wood Boy, the story is told in flashback, but there is a sense of forward momentum and mystery in The Burning Man that compels the reader forward - an urgency not present in the Feist narrative. The graphic novel succeeds, I suppose, in taking the rough in the diamond and transforming it to a diamond in the rough.

For the whole thing click the link at the top....PBR is a really cool site that we hope will continues to like what we put out....Well thats all for right now enjoy.


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